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Anna is a fully qualified and experienced dog behaviourist and trainer helping dogs throughout the North of Scotland. Anna runs behaviour workshops in the North East and Highlands and provides help over the phone to enable people to get help very quickly and to back up other behaviour or training plans people may have. Private Behaviour and Training appointments for puppies and dogs are available in Inverness and The Highlands.

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From preparing your puppy for the real world to fine tuning your competition dog, creating happy and understanding relationships through kindness and an open mind. Affiliated to the BIPDT, also recognised Scentwork UK Trainer Level 1 & 2

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pet mind training

Pet Mind Training & Behaviour Services

We offer behaviour consultations, one-to-one training and advice for pet owners from the comfort of your own home.  Training, advice and behaviour modification techniques are based on up-to-date, scientific findings and utilise reward-based methods for the best results.

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Waggle Bums Training

Training walks are a great way to work on some basic training issues, such as walking nicely on the lead, keeping focus on you and not on other distractions, as well as building confidence in outdoor based play. Training walks can also be used as a way to help socialise puppies and get them used to various sensory experiences. 121 Training available.


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